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MJ Peterson Car Magnets 8 x 24 inches

8" x 24" MJ Peterson Magnetic Car Signs

Promote yourself and your company while driving to and from appointments by turning your car into a moving billboard. Flexible magnetic car signs are easy to apply and easy to remove.

SAVE! You can now combine on multiple agents on one order form for a cheaper price when purchasing magnetic signs! RealEstateSigns is the only supplier that offers these savings.

(Note: Some car doors are not made of metal. Magnets will not stick to all surfaces. Make sure a magnet will stick to the surface you plan to apply your signs.)

CMG-824 Magnetic Car Sign Order Form

Magnet Size: 8 x 24 inches
Powerful .030" Thickness

Qty: 261224

*Must Be Ordered in Quantities of 2


Agent Name:

Agent Phone: (Optional)

SAVE MONEY! Combine multiple agents for quantity discount pricing!

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Measure the distance from the center of the first grommet to the center of the second grommet.

16" Wide Riders have 14.5" centers (4 Holes)
18" Wide Riders have 14.5", 16" centers (8 Holes)
24" Wide Riders have 14.5", 16", 19" centers (12 Holes)
30" Wide Riders have 14.5", 16", 19", 28" centers (16 Holes)
32" Wide Riders have 14.5", 16", 19", 28" centers (16 Holes)
36" Wide Riders have 14.5", 16", 19", 28" centers (16 Holes)

Attaching pins fit snugly into the flutes of our Reprocor™ riders, and sign panels, allowing you to securely join the two signs together.

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